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Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures refers to dentures that are made without the use of implants or other forms of additional retention and typically show little or no characterization of the aesthetic teeth.

Conventional denture setups lack the variability and asymmetry that is found in natural teeth and are easily spotted giving the wearer a typical "denture look".

Cosmetic denture setups utilize dentures teeth which were fabricated with multiple layers to mimic anatomical structure of a real tooth resulting in a more natural appearance. The Denturist ensures that the size, color and individualized arrangement of the teeth is appropriate for the client. The end result is a more "natural looking" prosthesis that is as unique as you are.

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We strive to meet or exceed the Infection Prevention and Controls Standards established by our College. In addition we only use nitrile gloves to avoid any issues with latex allergies and have two Quattro air purifiers in use to control the level of dust and organic vapors in the office.

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