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Replacing Dentures and Check-ups

Dentures need to be checked on a regular basis, we recommend an annual check-up and no longer than every two years between visits. Have your dentures replaced or relined as needed, since gums normally change with aging. This process of change is accelerated by an ill-fitting denture and ageing. Shrinkage of the gums can cause the dentures to align differently and/or fit less securely.

An ill-fitting denture can cause chronic sores and lead to undesirable changes in the gums. Denture with worn teeth may result in chewing difficulties, changes in facial features and in some cases, TM joint dysfunction. It’s important to replace worn or poorly-fitting dentures before they cause any major problems.

Check-ups will help ensure that your dentures last longer, function more efficiently and more importantly will ensure the continued good health of your gums. As a denture wearer, it is in your best interest to ensure that your dentures are always fitting properly to minimize bone loss. Excessive bone loss or tissue damage caused by an ill-fitting denture can impact the fit of future dentures and in some cases you may require surgical treatment before being fitted with a new denture.

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